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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Protects Your Financial Future

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage. It covers things that other insurance policies might exclude. It’s a secondary type of policy that requires you to have a primary insurance policy first.

Do You Need Coverage?

This policy is for people who have significant assets. The purpose is to protect your assets if you have a high risk of facing a lawsuit. Do you have brokerage accounts, retirement savings, and physical assets to protect? This policy helps shield those things during a lawsuit. The policy also protects you from any financial cost incurred.


The policy covers landlord liability, personal injuries, and property damage if they are not covered under another policy. Personal belongings, lawsuits based on oral or written contracts, intentional misconduct, and omissions are excluded. You umbrella coverage takes over when other insurance policies are depleted. This normally happens when another insurance policy cannot cover the full cost of damages.

People are quick to sue. And all of your assets are up for grabs during a lawsuit. Protect yourself from these perils by adding this insurance policy to your primary insurance coverage. With umbrella insurance, you that all your bases are covered.