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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance Makes Life Livable

Long term care insurance pays for extended daily care. If anyone needs assistance for simple activities like eating, bathing, dressing, then this policy can help pay for the expense. It will also pay for professional care offered by therapists or nurses.

How it Works

The policy is for people incapable of performing some or all daily activities. This must be due to long term illness, aging, or disabilities. It works by paying for daily care in your home, nursing home, community organization, or assisted living facility.

Types of Coverage

Coverage pays for the type of care that you need. That might include a visiting nurse or home health aide. You can also possibly get payment for installing handrails, ramps, and other attachments required for you to live.

Long term care insurance makes it possible to get the care you need. It offers you a better quality of life and helps you maintain your independence. This policy also means you won’t have to spend your savings on personal assistants. You never know when you might need long-term care. This is a helpful insurance policy to have in place.