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Condo Insurance

Enjoy Your Condominium with Condo Insurance

If you live in a condo, then you don’t need homeowners insurance. But it would help to have condo insurance. The policy covers your personal property. It offers protection against risks such as theft and fire. Many people think a condo doesn’t need insurance, but it does. It’s the only way to get insurance protection for your personal items.

The Details

All condominiums are usually under a condo association. The association has insurance for the building, and the communally owned spaces. But to protect yourself and property from theft, injuries, or water damage, you need to get your own condo insurance. If something happens, then you file your statement with the insurance company.


The policy offers personal liability which pays medical bills in case a guest is hurt in your condo. It also includes building property protection for your walls and its interior (items like built-in closets, bookcases, and fixtures). Personal property protects your personal items including electrical appliances, clothes, jewelry, and books.

Benefits of Coverage

Condo insurance keeps you covered in the event of a financial loss. You will get help paying for repairs. Some policies even offer replacement for your stolen or totally damaged property.With condo insurance, you have peace knowing that your guests, family, and property is completely protected.