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About Us

At our agency, we are committed to providing you with the kind of peace of mind that changes lives...your life!

Meet the team

Don't just take our word for it... Read theirs!

  • “I am satisfied with my experience at The Olson Team. The team is very efficient and effective. I also like their forgiveness on the first accident. That helped my family a lot. ”

    Curtis B.

  • “We've been with Jeremy Olson since 1999, when we first moved to Seattle. We have trusted him and his staff with our car, home, and life insurance for close to 20 years and wouldn't consider moving to another agent. We have NEVER had any problems with the Olson Agency - in nearly 20 years! We recently reconnected with Jeremy to update the insurance on a new vehicle, as well as to discuss adding our 15 year old, driver's ed taking twins to our account. He updated our car insurance, on Christmas Eve no less, in under an hour with NO hassles whatsoever. After our decision was made, EVERYTHING was updated within 24 hours and we were good to go! It's especially comforting to have trust your insurance agent, and we have felt that satisfaction since we first met Jeremy. I guess you could say we really have "been in good hands" all this time!”

    Jeffrey R.

  • “Very timely and easy to converse with. Treats you very respectfully. Always willing to answer any questions that I may have. ”

    Jessica H.

  • “Steven Harris and the Olson Agency helped me every step of the way moving into the city, finding me the best coverage and rates, and helping me move again. I felt personally taken care of and that's a rare feeling for an insurance agency. ”

    Michael M.

  • “I loved it! The service is always on point and I can honestly say, I feel my family is in great hands with The Olson Team. ”

    Ruben L.

  • “I contacted McKayla to get my insurance consolidated onto a single provider *AND* add rental insurance. She's been great! Very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. She has "gone to bat" for me at every turn -- which has, in the long run, saved me money and made my insurance needs far less complicated. Thank you!!! ”

    Scott H.

  • “I appreciated that an agent called me to discuss my current insurance. She helped me find ways to save as well as areas where my insurance needs needed adjustments. In the end I will be paying about the same but getting a lot more coverage for those dollars. The process was pretty easy! ”

    Terrance H.

  • “Received excellent suggestions to improve our policy and even saved us a significant amount of money. Steven Harris is very personable and his experience with auto and home policies really shows. ”

    Terrence S.

  • “I have always received superior customer service from all agents or personal I have dealt with. Karl Vogel is an absolute keeper and I have sent others to him because of his excellent service and prompt response to any needs I required. ”

    Valaree C.

  • “I've been with The Olson Team for over 20 years they've always been there for me they've always helped me with everything I needed to do every question I needed to ask they go above and beyond where the other insurance companies fail. ”

    William M.


We're Dedicated To Making a Difference in People's Lives. Not only do we look out for our clients' well being, but together, we can help others, in need of a helping hand.

Helping Families Battling Serious Health Conditions

For the next three months, our agency will continue to champion the well-being of families in our area; however, this campaign, we are focusing on Medical Bills & Expenses! We are so hopeful to be able to fund some of the relief needed by local families to overcome the devastating circumstances of cancer in their […]



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